The Key of Forgiveness

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  1. Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom & Inner Peace
  2. Have a Strategy
  3. Why Forgetting Is NOT the Key to Forgiveness
  4. Forgiveness - The Key to Healing Family Conflicts

But when we accept Christ, God remembers in a different way. He no longer sees the sin. God sees the righteousness of Christ that now covers us. According to research by The National Science Foundation, the average person has up to 60, thoughts each day. Of those, 80 percent are negative and 95 percent are repetitive thoughts they had the day before.

How much of your day is spent focusing on the past of which you have no control instead of invested into a healthy future where you have total control? If we can change the way we think, it will change the way we feel and ultimately how we live each day.

Forgiveness: The Key to Freedom & Inner Peace

One very practical tool to help us change the way we think is from Dr. Aaron T. Beck who is widely regarded as the father of cognitive behavioral therapy. Think of it as seeing events in our lives through a picture frame that we create. If we frame only a portion of the picture, we can leave out important parts that could change the entire perspective.

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  2. Lesson 121: Forgiveness is the key to happiness..
  3. Why Forgiveness Is Key.

Only by seeing the full picture can we get the whole story. For example, when we begin dating someone, we present a small picture of ourselves. We control what we want the other person to see and do our best to make a favorable impression. We find that we are left standing with the baggage and the poison of unforgiveness… continuing to re-injure ourselves for the sake of feeling justified.

Develop and maintain the capacity.

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  • Learning that forgiveness is not always a quick action or choice, but a journey. Often, I have beat myself up for not forgiving fast enough.

    Have a Strategy

    Sometimes it takes us longer to develop and maintain the capacity to forgive. Sometimes the hurt is so great and the offense is miles deep.

    Forgiveness is the key

    However, I always want to keep a heart that works towards forgiveness no matter how heavy the load. Honestly, while I am sure it may be, I tend to not be able to help myself…. Nonetheless, the more I am on my own journey, the more I realize that forgiveness is not so much about the other person.

    I used to vehemently reject that truth because it seemed like the person or persons won. No, none of us are off scot-free. What if the greatest act of love in forgiveness was self love? Loving yourself enough not to be bound by the past and decisions of another? What if all of the excuses, reasons, and negative thoughts you have about forgiveness are more chains? More weight that is preventing you from having the peace you need and want?

    I would suggest that these what-ifs are actually truisms. I get it. We always have a choice. Forgiveness is necessary to our well-being. Guess what? The point of the journey is to never stop traveling. Many families suffer in relationships not because they don't want to love each other, but because they don't know how to forgive each another when the hurt comes.

    Why Forgetting Is NOT the Key to Forgiveness

    The fastest way to make sure that bitterness doesn't take root between you is to ask, "Is there anything I have done to hurt you that I haven't asked for forgiveness for? That question has opened the door of trust in the heart of my children. Modeling that not only repairs the hurt that I caused them, it also teaches them how to humble themselves when they make mistakes. Remember that you are sowing seeds of humility and forgiveness that your grandchildren will learn from your kids one day.

    The next time someone tries to draw you into a political debate, focus on something that you admire or love in that person and tell them about it. I am not saying we shouldn't enter the political arena and fight for the truth.

    Forgiveness - The Key to Healing Family Conflicts

    But we must do it without the anger and superiority that so many people are modeling to our kids. Jesus called us to bless those who curse us. Please login or create an account to leave a review. Forgiveness - The Key to Healing Family Conflicts Families can rise or fall based on how well they handle conflict and hurt.