Dark Quarry: A Mike Angel Mystery (Mike Angel Mysteries Book 1)

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You can't help but take Munch Mancini - and this book - to heart. He's smart, he's funny, and he has something to say.

Michael Connelly

Holt draws tension with the skill of a surgeon. The Jook Gary Phillips "Gary Phillips wries tough and gritty parables about life and death on the mean streets. Rozan at her best She constantly has you looking over your shoulder into the dark. Blindsided Jane Candiotti , book 2 Clyde Phillips "Moves with the speed of a bullet and has more twists and turns than the streets of San Francisco. It's what fires off the movie projector in the reader's mind. Elegiac and eloquent, his stories filled with the blood of true character.

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I was enthralled. Sterling Watson is surehanded and telling in a story that is elegiac as it is gripping. Screwball David Ferrell "This book sneaks up on America, where winning is everything, and bites it on the seat of the pants. It is dark satire at its best. Faraday is a fine creation. Crossing the Line Antonio Burns , book 4 Clinton McKinzie "Clinton McKinzie delivers a story pulsing with intrigue and character that is as poetic as it is harrowing.

A Taint in the Blood Kate Shugak , book 14 Dana Stabenow "Kate Shugak is the answer if you are looking for something unique in the crowded field of crime fiction. It has enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end.

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He's one of the best. Flesh and Blood John Jordan Mysteries , book 3 Michael Lister "Michael Lister may be the author of the most unique series running in mystery fiction. I was fully taken in by this book. Speak of the Devil Fritz Malone , book 1 Richard Hawke "From first line to last, Speak of the Devil moves with a rare combination of intrigue and intensity. Its engine runs on high octane adrenalin.

Richard Hawke delivers a winner. Cruel Poetry Vicki Hendricks "I loved this book. It's a private ticket into a secret world of desire and sex and the raw edge between them. Gritty, tight and assured. I say enough of that. A Welcome Grave proves the promise. Koryta is one of the best of the best, plain and simple. With stories like this, his Lincoln Perry is going to be around for a long, long time. Ghosttown Whitney Logan Mystery , book 3 Mercedes Lambert "For these characters, one book was not enough, now we have three and I still feel shorted.

After this I will miss Whitney and Lupe and the strange, wonderful people they encounter. I will miss them for a long, long time. Blood Rose is wonderfully crafted and fully engrossing.

Read PDF Dark Fantasy: A Mike Angel Mystery (Mike Angel Mysteries Book 7)

It's a book that stays with you, even after the last page is turned. It's a fast, smooth ride on a highway not found on any map. I hope he sticks around for a long, long, time. Shakedown Jack Davis Mystery , book 1 Joel Goldman "Locked and loaded and full of the blood of character and the gritty detail that make up the truth - I loved it.

Crossing Savage. Dave Edlund. Sarah M.

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dark quarry a mike angel mystery mike angel mysteries book 1 Manual

Tim McGregor. The Drowning Game. LS Hawker.

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Marcia Talley Talley. Barbara Marr Mysteries Boxed Set. Karen Cantwell. Katy Leen. Morna's Legacy: Books 1, 2, 2. The Journey. Aim to Kill. Allison Brennan. The Eldritch Files, Books Phaedra Weldon. Closed Hearts. Susan Kaye Quinn. Wild Nights. Wild On You. The Reluctant Goddess.

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Alle artikelen van David H Fears

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Boek 4. Boek 5. Boek 6. Deze lijst overslaan. Beoordelingen en boekrecensies 3 25 sterbeoordelingen 3 beoordelingen. Look for more of my reviews of his work in the future. David H. Julia "s a mysterious ex-beauty queen, who married for ambition to congressman Henry Gateswood, a charismatic ex-professor running for a vacated US Senate seat from Illinois in When Julia "s sister Gail, a loose woman with past shady connections, disappears, Julia calls on private eye Mike Angel, who quickly learns his new employer isn "t everything she seems to be, but what she is beyond a doubt is a great hypnotist of Mike "s libido.

Before Mike is hardly into the case, he "s visited by Julia "s strange secretary, who later finds the missing sister "s headless body in the guesthouse of the Gateswood estate. Mike and his unofficial partner, Rick Anthony, a 25 year veteran of the NYC detective force and, whose vocabulary suffers from too many NYU grad classes, get to the crime scene before the police and follow clues that pit them against powerful Chicago mobsters.