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Right after that set loss in the third, Foothill decided to flip the script in the fourth set: this time, it was a victory to tie the overall score at two apiece.

Meet the Character – Mulaamnir

This was until Foothill took complete control in a scoring run over the final 16 plays to claim the fourth set. It is noteworthy that over the course of this season, Foothill is no stranger to five-set games. It was this notorious fifth set for the Dragons that once again resurfaced with a league victory hanging in the balance.

Both teams traded points for quite some time, leading to a deadlock. From there, the crowd erupted as the Dragons coasted to a victory in the game winning set. Dragons win final set ! With a win, the Dragons would raise their league winning percentage over. Comments on articles are screened and those determined by editors to be crude, overly mean-spirited or that serve primarily as personal attacks will not be approved.

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yposuqicis.ga:Customer reviews: Dragon's Heart (Story Of The Brethren Book 1)

Share on Twitter. I don't know how exactly you want to run with this, but Ao, the Overgod of the Forgotten Realms might fall into this category, as well as the Highgod and Chaos from Krynn. The 1st edition World of Greyhawk boxed set mentions that there are deities even more powerful than the Greater Gods, but that in general they don't bother themselves with gaining worshipers or the things that occupy "lesser" gods, but there isn't much more detail given than that. A valiant endeavor, but the long and short of this is that no one knows anything about this.

It's an attempt by individual authors mostly through second edition to attempt to quantify unfathomable characters like The Lady of Pain, The Serpent, and others that are purposefully left mysterious in many cases just to be the writer who said something new and supposedly substantive on these characters. After writing Die, Vecna Die Monte Cook came out and said that "The Serpent" was really just a metaphor for Vecna's insanity--but it turns out that with readers starved for mysteries and details on their favorite characters it's hard for implications like this to be taken at anything other than face value.

So, by-in-large, there is not much in the way of additional information about the Ancient Brethren, and between the sketchy original sources and discussions online, whatever you do turn up likely to be contradictory at best. All that being said, I'll jump on the Planescape fanboy bandwagon and say that I personally think the idea is pretty cool. In my personal interpretation of "The Ancient Brethren" I've always kind of thought of them as the prototypical deities, formed by the fledgling multiverse to give form to its still chaotic architecture.

The plane-sized monstrosities, the draeden, might have been a first aborted attempt at this. It's likely these deities had far greater power than modern deities and set about tasks unfathomable in the current multiverse. As there were as of yet no mortals, they had no need for faith or religion and set about applying the first laws of balance to their new reality and gelling the concepts they and others would come to embody before you have a god of luck, someone had better have thought up "luck" as a concept, etc.

In the end, Ancient Brethren of concepts that never "took" faded away or were subsumed by others. Some might have even become the skeletons upon which Outer Planes were "founded" I could very easily see the Beastlands being formed upon the "body" of the Ancient Brethren of wildness or savagery [or something], while the Ancient Brethren of loss might have become The Gray Wastes.

Regardless, over an unfathomably long period these first deities did their work and by in large passed on.

First, these ur-gods simply decided they didn't want to split up into thousands of younger gods. If Jazirian decided to fill the Multiverse with weak, fledgling gods of good, if Asmodeus decided not to do the same he could easily sweep in and destroy the new deities like a snake in an eagle's nest, potentially destroying all trace of good as a concept in the multiverse.

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This leads to the question of how gods of good and evil came to form, though, which is perhaps better answered by the next possibility or a combination of both. Good, Evil, Magic Neutrality [?

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Essentially, these are among the strongest ideas in the Multiverse, granting their respective Ancient Brethren incredible tenaciousness or visa versa and possibly the ability to offshoot bits of their essences to bring life to other younger deities with similar concerns. As part of their longevity, though, these Ancient Brethrens likely learned the subtlety with which they act today. Their kindred ur-gods who used their greater powers over lesser deities or who tried to forge deific empires would have all been brought to ruin through the countless millennia as younger gods, mortals, and their own brethren dissented and quashed them.

Thus, we see incredibly powerful players with lives unfathomable long compared to even today's deities, acting on the scale of eons and with goals likely to change the face of the Multiverse, but at the same time so slow and subtle that others rarely notice. Think of it like geologic forces raising a mountain. You don't see it from year to year, even from generation to generation, but time elapse through the millennia and you'll see the gradual creation of something dramatic and massive.

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Thus, Asmodeus subtly steers his fellow archdevils and the Blood War while seeming to just sit in Nessus. The Serpent whispers to a single mortal, and over the course of centuries gains the ear of a firebrand god who possibly reworked the Multiverse in a way those whispers led him to.

Dragon's Heart

And Jazirian We have a special case in that of the Lady of Pain. While she's been called an Ancient Brethren, no one knows what her powers are, she doesn't act like any sort of deity and actively discourages her worship , and she sure as hell isn't talking. She just squats in Sigil and keeps every other god, unopposed ideology, and reality-warping entity out. So, she seems like the Ancient Brethren with a job. Who knows what she might once have or still does embody travel, portals, pain, protection, neutrality?

This conceit requires you to believe that Sigil—being at the heart of the heart of the Outer Planes—is the center for belief in the multiverse as the Outer Planes are realms of concepts, ideas, and beliefs and might hold the power to affect changes upon those ideas' influence over the larger cosmology.

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Simply, in this idea Sigil is the keystone upon which the entire Great Wheel cosmology is founded. Should one being exert their will over Sigil, they could affect that keystone, reordering the Multiverse as they saw fit, potentially altering its laws to suit them see Die, Vecna Die or even destroy it. Thus, the Lady of Pain acts to keep the status quo. She's one of the few creatures in the multiverse with the power to do it and the dispassion to not do it herself.

She's the multiverse's autopilot, and woe to anyone who tries to take the wheel. What her reasoning for taking on this task might is one of the multiverse's big mysteries, but thankfully someone's doing it. Those few who have survived to today work on a scale nearly invisible to the current gods and completely unknown to mortals. So that's largely my tirade from being a Planescape goob for way too long. Again, as with pretty much anything related to the Ancient Brethren, none of this is "canon," but if you think it's cool or that any part might work in your game, feel free to run with it!

In a way, I kind of think of the Ancient Brethren like the Great Old Ones: unfathomably old with designs beyond our ken, though they meddle every once in a while. Again, though. Don't try chasing written facts about these guys. None are particularly reputable and can only lead to pages of "Well, X atrocious adventure said this," countered by "But Y sketchy throw-away reference said this.

Have fun And thanks for letting me ramble!