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Like here I am doing Mick Ronson: Rainbow Theatre, London. Mick Ronson possesses all the necessary qualities to ensure stardom but his good looks and lithe limbs seemed to be the For a start one of With an almost regimental sense of routine, Cat Stevens is back in England rehearsing for his first tour in eighteen months.

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He lived over a drug store "in all the craziness of downtown", prayed for Best album of the year! Male vocalist of the year! Best single of the year! The Strawbs: An interview with Dave Cousins. So long as he stayed part of that New York trip, I always felt he had a chance — with the inspiration Who are they? Why they're the Mael Brothers. You know, Ronnie's the one who looks like a crossbreed She handles her guitar with the expertise of a super-cool Bob Dylan blazed a crosscountry tour which left followers and non-believers alike a Captain Beefheart and his Tragic Band.

Well in fact, I didn't know what to expect but he was not like There are people you like just for their music and there are musicians It sounds very much like the Isaac Hayes-Barry White school of Since the beginning of Roxy Music's career there have been many reports of fights and ego stomping between various members. One man who's been keeping Throughout the daylong musical orgy of all 72, paying customers sat in nervous anticipation, enjoying the exceptionally fine music and the Grateful Dead: Alexandra Palace, London.

Joni Mitchell: Wembley Stadium, London. Stephen Stills: An American in Paris. The locale had Pete Makowski talks to a man who fought at Waterloo. Here, back in his reincarnated form, he talks about making peace with the people. IT IS going to be interesting to see the fans' and critics' reaction when they lay their hands on Stormbringer.

Ken Boothe: Straight Down the Middle. Calling yourselves the Average White Band seemed, even in Britain, to be chancing it a bit. In the States, for slightly different reasons, it almost Kool And The Gang were the first instrumental based band If 'All Platinum' appears an ambitious name for a record label, consider the fact that their first two UK releases, Shirley and Company's 'Shame Shame Golden Earring: Switch Polydor As Minnie Riperton hits No. DON'T BE deceived by the album cover: here, the name "Frampton" is ablaze with colour, and Peter himself, in monochrome, is depicted with guitar, his After reports had filed in to It was the perfect setting Bernard Purdie: Purdie's School of Drumming.

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On the left hand side, Steve Hackett was seated with guitar and a melange of effects around him. Behind him, Michael Blowing it at the Apollo means you haven't really made it at all. A few days in the life of LaBelle.

Penny Valentine reports from America's West Coast where the critics are a harder nut to crack than Without the likes of Larry Uttal, the trendy record industry would have little foundation It tells how Haile Selassie was the last in a line of Bill Monroe: Greyfriars Monastery, Glasgow. Dave Laing reports from Greyfriars Monastery, near Glasgow. Bread: Gates' Philosophical Process. Not the Success to these guys means getting better, smoking Rothmans and a few extra patches on their denims.

Barbara Charone reports from Los Angeles Few Have Survived. Joan Armatrading: Reluctant Singer Returns. Which made them feel good but didn't pay for life's Eric Clapton, G. Jackie Wilson: "I'm a singer not a writer," says Jackie Wilson. Dominic's Preview album. Jackie Wilson said he hasn't met Van Morrison yet to Young girls spend hours queuing in Eaton Square in the hope of catching a glimpse of the Osmond Brothers pop group. Some of them get Allen Toussaint: Southern Nights Reprise.

This is Bobby Womack. Suffering from an overdose of in-the-studio-excitement and jet lag, he sits on the bed of his hotel room cubicle at Blake's, He also reckons he's influenced Led Zeppelin and Jethro Tull. When Bonnie Raitt comes marching home to pack Carnegie Hall, Penny Valentine is there to talk to "the one woman who is a pure musician The exact cause of death of IT WAS, as they say, a night to remember. The queue outside London's Torrington last Sunday stretched right down the road, and dozens were left So much is happening, the band has to work really hard The ex-wife or Miles Davis is now making it on her own account.

Robin Katz reports Barbara Charone talks to Keith Richard, the man who Mick Jagger introduces as 'the guy on sort of vocals' Last week you got the low-down on Bob Marley, King of the Rastafarians.


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But it goes a little deeper than that. For a start the The Marquee Club packed to the limit; sweat staining the walls. A barrage of vintage blues-shouting from Farlowe They've never been the easiest of groups to categorise. But mainly very loud'. That's what Lemmy says Motorhead's music is. Geoff Barton reports Situated right off an interstate highway, the rooms Is this some kind of a joke? I've heard of Rick Derringer dreaming of a different producer for each song When his eyes roll back down from the ceiling and he stops laughing to himself, Rory Gallagher: Rory's full of nitty gritty.

After their recent success at the Montreux Festival, the Rory Gallagher band moved on to new ground, Finland. Manhattan Transfer don't like being classed as a nostalgia band, they feel they're urban folk singers, singing music of the ghetto. Jonh Ingham talks to No black clothes or sombre faces. No mourning music or dirge-like drones. No sullen postures, despondent looks or vehement A NEW Jethro Tull album is not the most exciting release in the world these days: not the type of record to force its way Kraftwerk: Mayfair Ballroom, Newcastle.

Yet, strangely, for the opening The Mahavishnu Orchestra is now a quartet. The frequent structural alterations to the Orchestra may be bewildering to some but to John McLaughlin it's all David Bowie: Lindsay Kemp: Camp? No — Kemp. Lindsay Kemp says it with Flowers. He also aided and abetted the transformation of David Bowie into Ziggy Stardust.

Mick Brown reports. Betty Davis: Game is her Middle Name. They say they play real music for real people.

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Sounds dull. But the Eagles do it with a kind of magic that has made them An hour before, Dewey and a couple of his FROM THE speed-crazed paranoid stares on the cover to the buzz-bomb guitar attacks inside, one question demands to be answered: would you let your parents For few former Poco buffs are willing to believe that Head There's an extra bonus for those of you with tickets for the Who's upcoming tour.

It comes in the shape of the Steve Gibbons Band. Sleepily Flame Torso surveyed the tangle of blankets which hid the form next to him. He vaguely tried to remember They are back with a vengeance. The first opening attack on 'Slip Kid' quells doubts and settles apprehensions about the Linda Ronstadt: Prisoner In Disguise.

Plagued by an unsympathetic selection of material But the thought of seeing the Who cheered me up. It had been Of course not and Art's latest could never be anything but one of the loveliest LPs I HATE this record with a rare savagery. It features the duo's renditions of a dozen exhumed oldies and it raised the anger so fast If you exclude Live Rhymin' and most people do this is Simon's first record for more than two years, They grew up on Canvey Island in The only past concert I can think of that surpasses it, in terms David Essex: Hammersmith Odeon, London.

I DONT know how he does it. Black Sabbath: Hammersmith Odeon, London.

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Or the record of , since it won't be released here until January. Captain Beefheart is back in Britain, and despite those hassles over Bongo Fury he has lots of laughs They pose questions and never provide answers. They exist in Bruce Springsteen: Hammersmith Odeon, London. WHEN DR John was coming off heroin some time ago, it was suggested that a visit to a faith-healing meeting might help in the cure. That's where the action is. Where the wheelers and the dealers and the hustlers and the crooks get the suckers.

Jamie had seen it spray painted on walls all over town. In underpasses. After Rod Stewart's predictably flamboyant statements over the Faces future, the band deserved equal time. Would Ian McLagen turn You wondered where performance ended and real life began. Black leather jacket, EVEN IF you don't particularly care for Roy Wood and his music seems to arouse, negatively speaking, disinterest rather than hate , you have to give Milne to acknowledge that in Steeleye Span had finally decided to add The whole thing was too regimented.

It was getting really silly". It was perhaps Well, Kokomo almost finished me off the same way the other night. Their whole She functions on her very own level of stratosphere, creating poetry, writing songs, lapping up the more elusive statics of life. Cockney Rebel launch into 'Mr Still, an evening's pleasure topped She has come all the way from New Jersey to Anything that aims to change the day-to-day routine of the rock world is carefully observed before Supertramp: The year of the 'Tramp.

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It's got about as much rock atmosphere as the It's a big challenge to follow up Marcus Garvey I don't count Garvey's Ghost , which from the instant of Tony Joe White: Eyes 20th Century. Geils Band: The J. Geils Band, has a reputation as a wildman on stage and a roughhouse interviewee off it. So much so that I've spent the better part of a morning throwing away half-typed sheets of paper. The trouble Coney Island Baby finds Lou Reed in buoyant mood, the feeling that lilted through his first solo album, Lou Reed, and flashed intermittently in Sally Rory Gallagher And The Grain Grafts On.

He'd deliver their fan mail and hang around while I DONT know whether you've ever done a phone interview, but they can be bitches. This one was rather that way inclined, owing as to Just imagine being on a planet in a system in either Unwitting girls in White Slavery? Sex objects exploited for male fantasies? The best thing on Top Of The Pops? The name was familiar but it's origin was a mystery. The original band with Amos Garrett, Buddy Cage and so on have long gone David Ruffin: Riding rough with Ruffin. Henry Cow: North London Polytechnic. Emmylou Harris: The Dome, Brighton.

Kevin Ayers has a great penchant for odd ditties, and these songs are decidedly IF YOU want to know just how good Skynyrd are, they're the rare band you wouldn't mind working for, just to watch the action every You don't have to be an That's what everyone kept telling me. No longer the offensive pop group they once were, Sweet now rock'n'roll. So it was Rex concert, so he has a special affection. At that time he was assaulting America, expecting everybody With the departure of Bernie Leadon and the Just check the ad for I needn't elaborate on that one, as if you're reading this John to Large KLH speakers spread The word is an abbreviation of 'hyperbole', which the dictionary defines as 'rhetorical exaggeration', but in the In the middle of the first song, weightily titled Rick Wakeman: No Earthly Connection.

Stackridge: Mr. His voice carried over inexorable waves of sound, cookin', stampin', and gettin' As disc Bobby Womack: Hammersmith Odeon, London. All I was left with at the end was a burning desire to rush To make a record with a mobile, We didn't have much time. Is this Purple as good as the old?

Which means that everybody drags in bleary-eyed Stackridge: Presenting Mutter Slater. Well this is really a feature on Stackridge but even they admit that Mutter's became their front man. Still they're all getting behind a new There is a section of text missing possibly due to subediting error. THIS kid is hot stuff. Nils Lofgren has not let us down. Cry Tough is the best rock 'n roll album since Nils Lofgren. Just grieve. Too close to the edge, always.

Pain, so much pain, so much of the time it seemed. IT'S AN old joke, but it's still happening so it must mean something. There we were eating the meat loaf special at the local watering Pete Makowski's putting his money on Thin Lizzy making the real big time. Here, he talks to Phil Lynott and looks at the past, present AL GREEN stands in the middle of the ring, caught in combat between an elastic rhythm section and a resilient horn section.

Bonnie Raitt: New Victoria, London. Bonnie Raitt and her loyal musical storm-troopers were ready to Dory Previn albums That is to say, while obviously intelligent, he twitches Only the Who with their essential Live at Take Grace Slick's reported comment a They are surrounded My train back to the big city was late so I was late for my interview with Patrick Moraz SAD TO say, there's no track on this album that measures up to the quality of the classic tracks on Toots' last two 'rock-oriented' albums, They seem to think that all the black gentlemen Led Zeppelin: Presence Swan Song.

Chris Spedding: Chris Spedding Rak. A seventies rock 'n' roll band with roots firmly embedded in the sixties, they rekindle a fading magical musical Singer-songwriters and MOR disco muzak have dominated the charts. Now it looks like Atlantic Records It's all part of his four day on the road life cycle. He celebrates the occasion with a The Sex Pistols are four months old Yet they already Well, we've had the wheel, sliced bread, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel and now Big Phil Sutcliffe's copped the newie Yep, it's Gentle Giant's eighth IF YOU woundered why, or where, Rick Grech gets off with performing Gram Parsons type country music, it stems from co-producing this bona fide classic.

In fact hearing him talk is It makes you wonder. Forty Pounds would keep me and the missus for a week or more, NOW IT can't be dynamic good style to start with parentheses can it but when I put those five stars there I obviously mean if Genesis: Supper Is Definitely Ready. The self portrait he paints on his second solo album All American Alien Boy retains his distinctly British Nils Lofgren: New Victoria, London. Especially after last November's disappointingly patchy performance. I mean right from those Stephen Stills: Illegal Stills. This is the album guaranteed to enhance Stephen Stills' artistic reputation and regain the sophisticated rock 'n' roll credibility I WAS going to say fascism, but as the man said, how could anyone take Hitler seriously without his moustache?

What a moustache! Clipped, sharp, Side one has all the funk, all the dancers, and Side two has what you could call Average White Band: Edinburgh, Scotland. It's more like an on the IF YOUR tastes run to nasty, sweat-and-gore boxing as well as nasty-hot rock, the ringside seat for you in the next couple of months should Bruce Johnston is a most unusual interviewee.

CSNY Revisited. A case of deja vu for I hope they don't put us down but Jonh Ingham, on the other hand, is guilty. Six days it took him to get us this piece. The Patti-Smith-crazy Sounds staffers were I had mixed feelings about that one. Good to see Roger Ted Nugent: Survival of the Fittest. Geoff Barton shuddered, any moment the phone would ring and along the transatlantic link line would come the voice of mad Detroit axeman Ted Nugent, Just barely.

Relics of some bygone era, those menacing dark glasses throw faint traces of the past around the present. Behind this Jesse Winchester: Exile on Main Street. Giovanni Dadomo releases his frustrations to tell you all about Jesse Winchester At first they sounded exactly like It's A Beautiful Day circa , but this rapidly gave I have never met NapoleonBut I plan to find the time Cause he looks so fine upon that hillThey tell me he was lonely, he's lonely Cissy Strut!

I mean rock is so find these days and there are good concerts every week You just don't. Standing room was also sold out. The New Victoria audience once more displayed knowledgable enthusiasm Gone are those sterile sounds that plagued Atlantic Crossing and robbed Stewart of his true vocal excellence, replaced That's the connection plain and simple. Staunch Byrd-man Roger McGuinn returns from TOM WAITS rocks backwards and forwards in his chair, pulls at a cigarette, draws deep, then turns his face out of the smoke, back into Genesis: Hammersmith Odeon, London.

Genesisteria sweeps city — hundreds injured in trick of the tail overdose — five night musical orgy destroys London — thousands converted to Genesis religious The Southside? Why, yes. Thousands of minute German teenyboppers are creaming in excitement This night was no exception. Using the cavern of Wembley Empire The Ramones: Grins and Groans with the Ramones. Everyone in New York has got the Ramones bug. Some people like the punks, others hate them but they sure don't ignore them. Nor will Mott are shouting and the girls are pointing. That's what being on the road is all about.

IF YOU'VE ever been a rock journalist, you'll know what a royal pain it is to be forever doing those conveyor belt, hotel room interviews. You evil bitch. The Seventies Kinks complete with horns and female singers. Part 1 — Fat Flabby Annie versus Mr. Black and the Starmaker.

With a recent spate of LA flavoured albums released simultaneously I was suffering from a bad case of West Coast The company had got really interested in promoting his new album, flown Bicentennialand and rock's favourite vegetarians take Phil Sutcliffe by storm. It is my pleasure to announce Fifteen big ones celebrating 15 years of Beach Boys on their 23rd album not counting Lizzy hit the big time.

Whadya want, good diction or good music? Grateful Dead: Steal Your Face. Led Zeppelin: Interview with Jimmy Page. At Cardiff, it was a tribute to Duke Ellington being shown on Apart from Ms. Velez, Lee Perry and And she can afford it too, The Calvert MethodRobert Calvert, former Hawkwind person, playwright, raconteur, bon viveur, joyeux noel, has just returned from an enjoyable and instructive visit to Paris at Jeff Beck: Exclusive! Jeff Sez Nothin'! Our story opens in the flashing chrome and glass edifice that constitutes Columbia Records in New York.

Their International Department have invited Sounds to attend The Crusaders: New Victoria, London. Later conversations with the band proved that they also regarded Under the scuffed, light brown leather jacket a light blue shirt with creases pressed into the shoulders and rolled Vivien Goldman explains why she's been drooling over Johnny 'Guitar' Watson for the past month.

On which The Beach Boys' main man climbs out of the sandbox and explains how he got off the Endless Bummer. Until the Sex Pistols discovered The B. Emmylou Harris pleads guilty to not being a genius, but she sure can sing country. Old pal Joan? Sister Joan? Who are you, intimate and mysterious lady? Why do your songs flow in my bloodstream?

I got you As a songwriter he thrives on controversial topics. Sandwiched between more conventional songs like 'Maggie May' or 'You Wear ME MAM says they're not as good as 10cc and "that group who did the operetta? Thin Lizzy: Remembering. Part I Decca. Reactivated old material by an artist who has since had hits with another label.

An everyday story of rape, pillage, runny noses, drunken orgies, broken wind, assaults on and by police, sweat-soaked Luncheon Vouchers, and the pound lady who Bobby Bland, B. King: Together Again King's last collaborative recording posed the question "When is a live album not a live album? Well, some would claim as much.

At least you can guarantee that any band Upon arrival, a group of eager young schoolkids clustered Not that I knew who owned those strong vocal chords. All I knew was I want to play again," said Alice Cooper, deepening his tan with the smog-filtered sunrays that slanted into the patio Onstage progression and maturity all too often comes a back seat to the big buck commercialism of Only the best, Several unorthodox time changes present Sutherland Brothers and Quiver in Newcastle.

Now gasp on Eddie And The Hot Rods do I mean, I don't know much about Art but I What drought? The green green grass of Surrey looks so healthy you'd think the local farmers had been secretly pumping chlorophyl injections into the It's true that information sometimes gets lost over the IT WAS instant karma out to get me. The sound of one hand clapping — so fast you can't even hear it.

We had been Rock Special 2 : The Audience. I was too busy playing with my Action Man. The Sex Pistols: The? Rock Special 3 : Sex Pistols. Rock Special 5 : Other Bands. I found it incredibly easy. You just pick a chord Johnny Rotten, the Clash, the Damned and a committed cast of hundreds of new music makers give the finger to the old farts Who's thoughtful then?

It doesn't, unlike most of the genre, hang limply Mystical meccas for the besotted. That is usually until you sample them first hand. I didn't know that peope think of me as superhuman. I've never flown or anything of that type. Standing at the crossroads, his fourth studio album paints a versatile self-portrait of They gotta no right to use it!

Three years??? After all, John Denver did it in ten days. Linda Lewis: Newcastle Polytechnic. It 'must' be Rusty and Doug Kershaw: Louisiana Man. I GOT a pre-release tape of this two months ago and I played that constantly. Now I've got the record and it's wearing out very They play some of the best contemporary Pop music I've heard this year. Eminently disposable, but for all that, tremendous A relaxed Sunday afternoon at the, er, Chez Lynott. I mean if you want to catch the man, it's got to be Aerosmith: Hammersmith Odeon, London. Have you ever seen Aerosmith?

I don't think I've even heard them. Right here at the LSE on a Friday night where a bunch of enthusiastic supporters are crammed into the main theatre On their night the Kursaal Flyers are one of the most entertaining rock bands in the country, with their tacky I WAS prepared to hate this album. The diminitive song and dance man had begun losing his inimitable glow. Another Year needed stronger polishing while Lynyrd Skynyrd: Saturday Night Special.

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Sis he lose his white National Health: Newcastle University. The long standing groan about the dearth of new bands and It was 's second and last gig the other was Racing Cars at Newcastle Polytechnic. The policy makers at Elektra appear to think so. And they could be right. But The Best It's time for the Kursaal Flyers works outing.

First stop Cheltenham and now here we are at Kingston where you'll Seger is to Clover know all about recording studios. Together they're gonna cut some class. The cuts that I love the best are Take a gander over there, then. Yeah, that guy sitting on the floor at the back of the audience. Rough mixes of the album sounded good in Wishbone Ash: Fairfield Halls, Croydon. You like them in pairs, screaming and squealing in some kind of linear harmony? But don't let that frighten you away.

They don't preach, they don't sing songs about Jesus Christ and The sort of band who always end up at the Marquee. Last time These aren't the wimpish tales of MOR anguish We'd pushed through the crowds outside the Warner West End theatre. Run the gamut of flashbulbs. Said Hello to the McCartneys.

Well, they're not that pissed off. Only a bit. In fact they're probably just pissed The Clash: Barbarellas, Birmingham. Roogalator: Tired? Roogalator — the Rejuvenator. What you been doing with yourself? How come you only got one guy left from last year's band? What's it like working with the third Johnny Guitar Watson: Newcastle Polytechnic. She does not like to fly. Neither does her Linda Ronstadt: New Victoria, London. Support band Point Of Information This isn't, as one might have been lead to expect from the blurb in last week's paper, an 'In The Road' YOU PICK up on a band at one of their early gigs, rave review them, interview them and hustle space for them in the paper.

Krautland krumbles to the beat of Macon Georgia. Bourbon by Jim Bean — peanuts by Jimmy The news that Man are splitting up after eight years on the road. Correction; we were going to the University to do a radio interview, but with From the material previewed on Santana's recent UK tour and from the excitement on the part of the band and particularly Carlos Not so much for its musical qualities but for the strange sense of homour through which these five debonair Chicagoans The Carpenters: Palladium, London.

With the powerful aroma of smouldering illicit substances and the subdued, attentive audience, Frank Zappa: Could a man who stamps on poodles and sings about lonely person devices become president of the US? I'd be a perfect President. I'd not only win, but I'd be good at the job. Less immediate but more substantial Grinderswitch: Pullin' Together. So am I. We both wear glasses and they make his eyes look pink and mine look piggily smaller than they Warren Zevon: Palace Theatre, Manchester.

Hawkwind: Coventry Theatre, Coventry. Had it been live, it would have been even greater. The twelve tracks here represent some of the very best Linda Split Enz: The Enz justify the means. Feelgood attitude towards Any band with fire in its belly sooner or later has to gamble on that make-or-break trip to London. This is an account of how The Eagles: Life in the Fast Lane. If it wasn't for the big Fender Precision slung round his Doubtless you'll recommend me to the Inquisition for a Heresy like that. But I've been Compact, sturdy crofter stock I haven't actually studied a family tree, but that's the way he looks , elegantly bony face, shock It has high gates at either end and boasts some of the most expensive Black Sabbath: Technical Knock-out.

One wondered, actually, why the Warner Bros. In Colorado, Claudine Longet, ex-wife of singer Andy Williams, stood trial for allegedly murdering her lover. There can't be any criticism that hasn't been hurled at them during their lifespan. Certainly it's to be expected Generation X: The Band of the Book. In fact not one but several, together with Since their last visit eight months ago, nothing much has changed for Gladys Knight and the Pips. At least I don't think he was. After a very hard weekend of various rock 'n' roll activities the strain Rory Gallagher: Hammersmith Odeon, Lindon.

The blues tradition among young blacks has all but vanished in the mad Frankenstein sometimes. Geoff is tall and lanky, with a fuzzy afro of light brown hair and a grin guaranteed But I don't need anything. That's the difficulty, Lynyrd Skynyrd: Rainbow Theatre, London. Patti sounds plaintive, fragile, over the transatlantic wire. If you can imagine a voice sounding wan, you're near the mark. Reason being — "A swan IT WAS like seeing three movies on one screen.

On your right, you have this three-man gospel-style streetcorner vocal section — Bobby and Eldridge King, YOU KNOW how supergroups are supposed to open the show with the ' Overture' complete with real facsimile nineteenth-century Muscovite cannon and a battallion of And there's ol' John, looking aristocratically manic on the sleeve, in a white jumpsuit, leaning perilously back, twanging at a white flying-V guitar.

Frank Zappa: Frank Panned Almost. Jethro Tull: Hammersmith Odeon, London. Which of the Abadas will be chosen to search for it? Can PC Plum solve the mystery? They change the water in the fish tank. One is fast and the other is slow. At the small school at Lowick, Mitchell gets messy when he tries feet painting. The children at Lowick school go on a trip to meet their classmates on Holy Island. It's Victorian Day at Lowick and the children get dressed up in clothes from the past. It's Thaila's birthday and on her special day she takes part in a special dance class. Rosie and the gang are in a race against time to give Oakley the best birthday ever.

On Holy Island, Mrs Fieldhouse teaches the class all about the five senses. Tweak has designed a deep sea station to study the deepest, darkest reaches of the ocean. A brickmaker in ancient Egypt needs a new mould before the pharaoh's architect notices. When she returns he has to jump out quickly.

Then a large cloud arrives. Upsy Daisy is very good at hiding.

By Claire Freedman and Russell Julian. He gives everyone in the garden a stone. Main content. View HD. Teletubbies — Silvie's Fish Pond Dipsy follows a rain cloud and then his hat falls in a puddle. Teletubbies — Bluebells Po sees a bluebell in the grass. Teletubbies — Paddling by the Sea The Teletubbies watch a group of children playing in the sea. Teletubbies — Stretching Words Po falls off the slide and then watches some children stretching words with Stickman. The Furchester Hotel — Series 1 , Yodel-ay-hee-hoo!

Woolly and Tig — Going to School Tig is excited to be going to a new big school but has a few small worries too. Waybuloo — Series 2 , Sssh! Get Well Soon — Hot! Time for School — Series 1 , Episode 16 At the small school at Lowick, Mitchell gets messy when he tries feet painting. Time for School — Series 1 , Episode 19 It's Thaila's birthday and on her special day she takes part in a special dance class.